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Causes of weight loss
The 3 basic principles of rational weight gain
What to consider when putting together your diet
Do we need exercise to gain weight?
Giving up bad habits when gaining weight: how and why?
Do we need to keep stress under control?
Undoubtedly, most people are interested in how to lose excess weight. But there is also a category that wants to know how to gain it, on the contrary. Gaining weight should be done rationally, namely with the help of muscles. You probably at least once saw a slender girl in the gym. So, with a high probability she is engaged in sports because she wants to give her forms an even more beautiful shape due to the muscles and relief. So how can this be done?

For those who dream of gaining weight: useful tips
1. Simply increasing the volume of portions and the amount of consumed carbohydrates – the main mistake of those who want to gain weight quickly. Such a diet will lead to gastrointestinal problems and can even cause aversion to food, fraught with anorexia. Increase the caloric content of your diet slowly, by 200 calories per day. The basic principle of a weight loss diet is to consume more calories than you consume.
2. Establish fractional meals – at least five to six meals a day every 3-4 hours. It is important to approach the new regime smoothly: got used to eat three meals a day – first introduce a fourth snack, then accustom yourself to the fifth, sixth. You have to be comfortable, otherwise the body will experience stress.
3. Half an hour before meals, drink a glass of vegetable or fruit juice, but during the meal itself, try not to drink. Drink beverages in between snacks, in order to saturate your body with additional calories.
4. Juices stimulate the appetite, which is very important for weight gain. Non-alcoholic beer is also indicated in reasonable quantities. It stimulates the production of gastric juice and bile, helping the gastrointestinal tract, so it is indicated for low acidity.
5. Forget about fast food, canned foods, fried foods, refined foods, lard – such food, and even in large quantities, will lead to obesity and digestive problems. You need to bring your weight back to normal, not become fat.
6. Breakfast should not be a quick snack, but a complete meal. Scientists have proven that the optimal saturation of the body with carbohydrates and proteins occurs exactly due to the first, morning meal.
7. Be sure to restore sleep patterns and adjust your psychological state. This is especially important if you are pregnant, because weight loss affects not only the mother, but also the baby. Support of parents, friends, beloved man in the period of weight gain is difficult to overestimate. In severe cases, such as anorexia nervosa, modern psychotherapy can help.

We created this course so that you would not go this easy way alone
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